stake squarmies now

stake your squarmies to earn squarms

Your Squarmies are now ready to work! 
Staking them lets you earn SQUARMS token. SQUARMS tokens can be used to get exclusive Squarpet airdrop and to purchase items.

1 Squarmy earns ~1 SQUARM a day.

Make sure you're connecting your metamask from


How many SQUARMS can 1 Squarmy earn per day?

1 Squarmy can earn ~1 SQUARM every 24 hours.

How many Squarmies can I stake?

For now, you can stake up to 5 squarmies. You can also stake as little as 1 Squarmy. 

What if a Squarmy is staked for less than 24 hours?

You will still get SQUARMS, but it'll be less than 1 SQUARM if your Squarmies are staked for less than 24 hours. In staking page, SQUARMS earned is rounded to whole number, so it won't be visible there.

What's the point of staking?

Currently, if you earn 118 SQUARMS, you'll achieve Squarlord status and airdropped 1 Squarpet with Squarlord-exclusive traits. You can also use SQUARMS to purchase items.

How long can I stake Squarmies for? 

The staking period for this cycle is 26 March to 26 April, 5PM SGT

What's Redeem SQUARMS?

By "Redeeming Squarms", you're transferring your SQUARMS tokens to your wallet. When you redeem your rewards, you will see your SQUARMS reduced to 0 in the page. Rest assured, your total SQUARMS earned remain unchanged. Simply go to your metamask to view it. 

When can I Redeem SQUARMS?

You can redeem all SQUARMS tokens on Apr 26

Can I unstake Squarmies?

Yes. You can unstake all Squarmies on Apr 26